Write away ubc okanagan

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Laser-heated nanowires produce micro-scale nuclear fusion with record efficiency

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Writing and Research Centre

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Located in LIB (up the north/west stairwell or elevator), UBC’s Okanagan Writing and Research Centre offers writing support for all undergraduate students working on any kind of.

Degrees and Programs

In Creative Writing, you’ll study literature and literary criticism, as well as key aspects of the writing process – from crafting a scene, to pacing a story, working with imagery, and hooking a reader’s interest.

Terry D. Anderson, Ph.D., Founder, CRG. Terry is the Founder of CRG Consulting Resource Group International, jkaireland.com of the most knowledgeable, creative, and practical Leadership development authorities in the field, he is an accomplished author, educator, counselor, and consultant.

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Using a compact but powerful laser to heat arrays of ordered nanowires, CSU scientists and collaborators have demonstrated micro-scale nuclear fusion in the lab. They have achieved record-setting.

Write away ubc okanagan
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