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Doctor of Philosophy

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PHIL Introduction: Knowledge, Reality, and the Human Condition 1. Catalog Entry PHIL Introduction: Knowledge, Reality, and the Human Condition Credit hours (3) This course introduces students to philosophy through an examination of fundamental questions about the nature of reality, the possibility of knowledge, and the human search for meaning.

Considered by some to be the greatest philosopher of the 20th century, Ludwig Wittgenstein played a central, if controversial, role in 20th-century analytic philosophy. He continues to influence current philosophical thought in topics as diverse as logic and language, perception and intention.

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1. Major Political Writings. Hobbes wrote several versions of his political philosophy, including The Elements of Law, Natural and Politic (also under the titles Human Nature and De Corpore Politico) published inDe Cive () published in English as Philosophical Rudiments Concerning Government and Society inthe English Leviathan published inand its Latin revision in In a long run, President Trump’s first Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, a former United States Senator from Alabama, has proven to be inefficient, to say the least.

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Hobbes's Moral and Political Philosophy (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)