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How to Get Your Music on Music Blogs

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Please consider these services for your next very or private party. Due to a few very generous donations, we are able to keep the site up, as-is, through the end of this month. We will still not be adding any more new uploads to the collection and are proceeding with our plans to back up the entire current MP3 collection at There are several music marketing hacks you can try to make music promotion easier.

For example, use content scheduling tools to provide regular updates for fans and followers. If you have fans who love your work, encourage them to promote you, which leave you more time to focus on music. Get the latest music news, watch video clips from music shows, events, and exclusive performances from your favorite artists.

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Discover new music on MTV. Create a stunning Music free website, tailored for Music Promotion now. Wix.

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Simply personalize the text and upload your own videos and music to get your presence live on the web today! Price: Free. Press Kit - Pop Singer. Music Promotion 4 Free is a promotion channel where I upload % free music.

(Some songs can only be used for free if you are partnered with Freedom!) Join the Freedom! One of music industry's leading digital marketing agencies, MusicPromoToday focuses on PR, branding & promotion for the music industry. Get the best music PR services in.

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