Fraternal polyandry

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Polyandry in Tibet

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Complete information on marriage and its various forms

In Tibet, those husbands are often brothers; "fraternal polyandry".Concern over which children are fathered by which brother falls on the wife alone. She may or may not say who the father is because she does not wish to create conflict in the family or is unsure who the.

ABUNDANT LOVE: The belief or philosophy that it is possible to love more than one person at the same time.

Polyandry in Tibet

ADELPHOGAMY; also, FRATERNAL POLYANDRY, LEVIRATIC POLYANDRY: (Literally, adelphos brother + gamos marriage) A specific form of polyandry, practiced historically and occasionally still practiced in some portions of Tibet and Nepal, in which a set of brothers is married to the same.

Edmund Leach []argued that the traditional image of the nuclear family might be described as " a cereal packet family" in that it was the type of family image favoured by advertisers to sell a wide range of products often designed with the nuclear family in mind.

DEPARTMENT OF HINDI (JUNIOR COLLEGE SECTION) Gurupurnima celebration. On 24 July ; Short film on “ STREE BRUNA HATTYA”and a short film. Polyandry Polyandry is the marriage of one woman with several men. It is practiced among the Marquesan Islanders of Polynesia, The Bahama of Africa and tribes of Samoa.

Bibliografia źródłowa. Jiao, Ben. Socio-economic and Cultural Factors Underlying the Contemporary Revival of Fraternal Polyandry in Tibet (Czynniki społeczno-gospodarcze i kulturowe cechujące współczesne odrodzenie się poliandrii braterskiej w Tybecie).

PhD dissertation (praca doktorska), Department of Anthropology, Case .

Fraternal polyandry
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