Faith writing

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Pope Francis praises Benedict XVI’s writing on faith and politics

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Good faith

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Like you, my faith is the foundation of everything I am and do, and I believe I express it through my writing—sometimes subtly, at other times, more overtly. I have felt pressure lately from a few Christian friends who believe I should be more vocal about my faith.

096: Navigating the Intersection of Faith and Writing [Podcast]

Promoting inter faith understanding and cooperation. The Inter Faith Network for the UK works to promote understanding, cooperation and good relations between organisations and persons of different faiths in the UK. Arrow. FAITH AND WORK. We might see them as estranged.

But, in truth, they share a crucial aim: to see the unseen. Nothing new has been made without faith.

for the Festival of Faith & Writing, a three-day celebration of literature and belief in Grand Rapids, Michigan “I need the rigor and radicalism of friendship to be a poet, to be anything, really.” Natalie Diaz, Festival featured speaker.

You may select from the various phrases and Scripture verses we have provided. These will be translated in the appropriate language. We also encourage you to write a few simple lines in English.

“Preach the gospel at all times; if necessary, use words,” Saint Francis of Assisi is supposed to have said. The aphorism, often quoted, expresses a well-meaning viewpoint of many Christians.

Faith writing
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