Classic vs modern music

Phono Preamps in '70s

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Compare and Contrast: Classical VS Modern Music

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Has modern music become too sexualised?

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Classical music is typically considered music made before the 19th century, whereas modern music is music created after the 19th century. Both styles of music are vastly different in other ways, including instrumentation, form, style, purpose and method of creation. I at present for one don't have much taste for modern music compared to classical music, and I agree that classical is far more complex, but that doesn't mean that I consider classical music.

Compare and Contrast: Classical VS Modern Music Music wouldn't truly have a purpose with out its audiences. In the 16th, 17th, 18th, and 19th century's music inspired writers, philosophers, aristocrats and other thinkers of the time.

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Classic vs modern music
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Phono Preamps in '70s "Classic" Receivers .vs Modern Phono Preamps | Steve Hoffman Music Forums